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2 kits of CMD4GX3M2B1600C8 and GB MA790XT-UD4P


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I have the above two products with a Phenom 965 and Win7 64bit.


I have changed the BIOS settings to match those on the Corsair site for this RAM - 8-8-8-24-1.65v.


The system is fairly stable, and I did a bit of searching on these forums to find that I have to go into the advanced settings (ctrl + f1) and then turn off swizzle mode.


There are also lots of other settings floating around on the net, but I would like to know the Corsair approved settings.


Please could you run me through each of the settings in the BIOS and their correct entry for these modules.


The system passes memtest for each module (4 - two pairs) at either the SPD settings or the settings above. But I just want to make sure I have all the settings 100% correct.


Many Thanks

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The reason I ask the question is I have this post on another forum, and trying to get to the bottom of the problem, I want to rule out RAM timings, even though the system seems to run MemTest86+ fine (3 passes of tests 1-8):


"I have made several attempts at overclocking this "easily overclocked CPU" all failing. The most I have managed is 3.7GHz but that has not been stable.


I gave up (for the third time!) and stuck to stock settings, however even now the system isn't stable!


My Hunch is that it is a motherboard issue as the problem seems to occur with certain revisions of the BIOS, but I am not sure.


Basically there are several types of crash - the basic one is the system reboots or BSODs (usually with no error shown). This is annoying, but not so bad, as the system simply reboots into Windows and then I can carry on.


The worst issue is that the system will reboot, and then sit at the black boot screen, not seeing an operating system. I can recover the OS fairly easily by booting with the Win7 disc, loading my RAID drivers, going to repair tools / dos prompt and using bootrec /fixboot and then bootrec /fixmbr.


There are no errors listed in the event viewer.


This morning, I had the pc on, with only a BBC Radio desktop gadget playing the radio - nothing else. Then the system rebooted and no OS.


What the "%^& could be causing this?


I have reverted back to BIOS version F4G which seems to be the most stable, but Gigabyte tell me there is no problem with the newer BIOS versions.


This is the second install of Windows 7 (64-bit) with all the latest drivers.


Please Help!!!"


I have tried MemTest86+, Prime95 Blend, HDTune - all seem to pass without any problems.


Could it be due to the RAM being set to 1600MHz? I have read on this forum, that some people have had trouble with other Corsair 1600MHz modules and this board, and it has been recommended to downgrade to 1333MHz. Could this issue I am having be caused by this?


If that is the case, what settings do I need to use for optimal 1333MHz with these modules? Just the SPD settings?

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Ok, as I could not seem to download a BEMP profile for these modules direct for overdrive, I have created my own running at 1333MHz:






























RAM Voltage is 1.75v


Seems to be holding out on an AOD stability test.

Will confirm with MemTest later


Does this seem about right to you though?

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