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Gigabyte EX58 UD3R Rev 1.6 only seeing 4gig instead of 6gig


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I currenty have a gigabyte EX58 UD3R Rev 1.6 motherboard & 6gig triple channel Corsair XMS3 TR3X6G1600C7 G


Im currently suffering form my mobo only seeing 4gig out of the 6gig this problem only happens when i do a cold boot when pc been off over night a quick reboot sort the problem out.


Now ive been trying to find the problem to this for the past month with no luck.


Ive tested each mem stick on it's own with mem test no probs show up


I've checked the mobo for bent pins no sign of any.


I've tried diffrent cpu to mine still show same problem.


Im at a loss what the problem could be.


My system is currently at stock and the problem still shows up .

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