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H2O base plate sizes does Matter


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I pulled my heat sink to inspect and lap Yesterday because when I run Prime95 i most certainly may get into Guinness book for the fastest time it takes to go from 44c to 89c in less than 38sec. Whoa way to hot for me, I don't let little computers play with fire.


(1)The Intel lga1366 CPU surface area 32mmx35mm=1120mm square area of surface contact is in a rectangular footprint. I assure you with my compeditors brand aircooler i am currently only covering 60% of the contact area of an Intel LGA1366 CPU. No wonder I have heat related issues running Prime95, Memtest86+4.00. I'm not wasteing my time resurfacing the contact area of my compeditors brand aircooler. Didn't matter when I built my system it was plenty fast stock.


I'm ready to purchase...but what is the surface area of coverage of the Corsair H5O water cooling base plate in relation to the footprint of an Intel LGA1366 CPU rectangular 32mm x 35mm configuration?




Judging from the video it appears it may be large enough for proper coverage.

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To clarify my question I'm asking is in regards to this pic. The copper piece that comes in contact with the Intel LGA1366 I7 920 CPU, The square surface area what is the number...I need to know if it will compleately cover CPU. I hope this helps, or pic post reply with perhaps someone with a ruler or measurement device across the copper face in question, thanks again. Also is the liquid inside conductive or nonconductive to electricity?



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