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Corsair P64 x3 RAID0 => Bad perf, normal?


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I have just bought 3 of these SSD "Corsair P64 Series", I have mount to a RAID0 to have the most perf I could get from them... but... I have ONLY 100Mb/s in write at maximum (and 500Mb/s in read speed)


See by your self:


ATTO Benchmark at 128Kb:



an 256Mb:



So, it's a normal perf for a RAID0 with 3 of theses SSD?


PS: Sorry for my "bad" english, but I'm French, so...

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That is much better performance, and when you create the RAID Array I would suggest 12k Cluster size for the RAID and 32K Allocation for the Format and only quick format. I would also suggest using parted magic to wipe or erase the SSD Drives. But it looks you got that figured out.
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