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DDR 3 compatibility question


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I currently have 2 x 2GB of corsair DDR 3 installed on my 790i motherboard. Heres the problem. I want to double that to 8 gb, but I cannot find anywhere that sells this model.

Its TWIN3X40961600C7DHXG - Which is 2 x 2 GB ddr3 1600MHz, and I believe its 7-7-7-20 but I could be mistaken.


So heres me question.

1. Does anyone know where I can find that memory? Everyplace I find it its out of stock, possibly because its a few years old or its like $700 bucks.


2. Can I Mix and match memory? Say I cant find it anywhere, but still wanted to upgrade. Can you mix and match latencys, voltages, Mhz etc?




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