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Faulty PSU?


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The following problem has been around since i built my PC. Wondering if a faulty PSU is to blame (VX550).


Initially i had a HD4850 which used to stop responding (black screen, sound in loop). I replaced the video card with a GTX260 after a while thinking the video card was to blame (apparently it wasn't as that card works now in another system).


The GTX260 acts strangely too (short freezes, no complete freeze though). I noticed a couple of times one of the HDDs stopped spinning (and it took a couple of seconds until it became accessible to the OS). I checked the HDD using the manufacturer's diagnostic software. The result was OK.


I ran memtest and no problems there.


What i noticed is the that the voltage on the +12 rail fluctuates with 0.06V (the delta is reported the same by both Asus PC Probe and CPUID Hardware Monitor). This variation lasts less than one software refresh cycle and it happens under constant load (Furmark Stability test). I know sensors might not be OK but i don't own / can't get a DMM. As far as i've seen that much of a fluctuation should appear with a major power consumption variation. And i don't see this being possible with the video card in a stress test.


Basically i want to know if this fluctuation would determine this behavior in the system. I know it's well within range.


The reseller accepts free shipping so that is not a problem. I just want to be sure i don't send the PSU and have to send the mobo too afterward (the only other option as long as i can figure out even though why the HDD physically stopped spinning might elude me in this case, as its mechanical part is directly connected to the PSU's +12V).


Any other advices are welcomed.

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I realized that my reasoning wasn't deterministic. If let's say the motherboard has a problem and stops powering the video card for a brief time, this will eventually mean a reduce in the power consumption of the entire system, and therefore a better regularization done by the PSU (and implicitly a slight variation in the voltage on the +12V rail). The HDD problem would then be also justified.


So at the moment i'm left quite confused :sigh!:


As far as i can tell the only possibility would be to test the PSU / motherboard in different systems.

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