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HX850 Fan & Buzz Problem


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I purchased a new HX850 power supply from a Canada Computers retail outlet. After installing it in my comp I've noticed a few strange about it:


-Loud & rattling fan. Fan seems to rattle constantly when PC is powered on, and it makes a loud screeching noise when the PC is powered off. I verified this by stopping the fan when booting and shutting off. Also, if I spin the fan manually when everything's powered off, it makes a noise that sounds like someone running and hitting a fence with a stick. Best description I can give :P


-Loud buzzing when hx850 is connected to wall current. The buzzing persists after the PC is powered on, but isn't really audible over the rattling fan. Definitely a pain when the PC is powered off though.


I'm running an e5200 with an HD 4670 at the moment - certainly nothing that would stress the PSU.


Should I return the unit to Canada Computers? Or does this qualify for an RMA?

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