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Mailing TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF Memory

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I have for the 1st time ever, to mail a bad module.


Now the mail I got says to send both modules if a pair but do I sent in the original box with the bulky/heavy fan or simply post both modules in a padded envelope ?


Also I need to get the exact same revision in return as I run a total of 8GB so have 2 kits.



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Got my Memory back today finally after some delay by DHL.


After me specifying I had Rev 1.1 and needed Rev 1.1 as of the other kit making total of 8GB guess what they sent out ?


Rev 1.2, total joke IMO, whats the point of claiming Modules are matched (any 2 Modules the same model will run in Dual Channel, even mismatches run most times) if they give me Rev 1.2 to go with my other Rev 1.1 kit.


I know its 2 different kits but I paid for 2 new Rev 1.1 kits and made sure both kits were Rev 1.1 before i bought, now its not ideal but will probably work OK.


So the section on RMA Form where you specify the Revision and the very clearly detailed info I sent along with Modules was a total waste of time but I kind of knew this before hand anyhow.

I do not see why I should waste your money RMA'ing a good kit that why prices increase IMO.


Also companies should hold back stock for RMA purposes, I know some do.


I ain't knew To Matched Modules, I have had them since Corsair 1st brought them out for the NF2 and they were supposed to be hand tested on an Asus NF2 Mobo hence the premium paid.

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im sorry to see you disappointed however as RG said, mixing 2 kits even if they are the same revision is not supported. he even suggested you send back both sets because there may have been a chance to get all 4 the same revision but it was not guaranteed either.

specifying the revision on the RMA form is likely for survey purposes and not as a request to get the same revision back but i could be mistaken.


i am curious though if you were able to get all 4 rev1.1s stable at 1066Mhz as i gave up on mine a while back and just bought another board to use the 2nd pair in. i just wasnt stubborn enough to keep trying :):

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But that does not make any sense, how many kits do you see for DDR2 Mobos with 4GB Modules ?


We all use 4x 2GB Modules and at the end of the day it will work as not all 4 Channels are joined, its 2+2, for 2 separate Dual Channel lanes.


It could matter more if different Rev's and your Overclocking but 2 matched + 2 matched will work.


My memory is underclocked now as I cannot get 500FSB stable on a Quad on this Asus MFII POS.


To answer your question, I have all 4 Modules at 1:1 with a FSB of 475 or at times 490 so its always under 1000mhz DDR Speed but under 2.0v.


When I had a Dual Core (E8600), I could run a far higher FSB so all 4 Modules were at 1175MHZ with no extra tweaks or voltage but no more mhz than this no matter how much tweaking or voltage as this Mobo simply will not post (black screen) above that even though it is supposed to run 1200mhz DDR2 it cannot and the QVL list is a joke as next to nothing is on it as normal with Asus support on flagship ROG Mobos.


This Corsair Memory @ Rev 1.1 has ran at 1200mhz on many P45 and other Mobos over on XS Forums, but not many MFII's and if so not 100% stable and major tweaking needed.


The P45 is made to run 4 Modules up to 16GB without issues, obv you may not get same Overclock as with 2GB.

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