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HX620W replacement buzzing whining


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I've followed the advice on C1E and speedstep disabling. It did make the volume of the buzzing go down, but it is still around and bothersome.


I've requested an RMA, but I can not be without my computer working during the the shipping/waiting period. This is my second hx620 (the first had the 5V rail die completely), I'd like an advanced RMA. If this isn't the correct place to request one, please direct me, I've not been able to find it.


Current RMA 1240329 that I'd like upgraded to advanced.


Paying $20 to RMA from Canada the first time - sometimes you're the bird, sometimes you're the statue. Paying it twice - apparently odds of being the bird are low for this PSU ;)


Cheers and thankyou,



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I leave my computer on 24/7 , so turning off speedstep and c1e are not really an option. I bought the hx620 because it was efficient and when I'm not around I want speedstep and c1e to do their thing. Same as below. The more I read, the less I think an RMA for an identical part is going to solve the issue with this PSU.


What if a customer has their PC on 24/7 and actually wants to use these power features on their motherboard? What advice does Corsair have?


My Corsair PSU is emitting an electrical "buzz" when using advanced power management, it is not functioning as a PSU should. I purchased this PSU to ensure ample power is available to components when required and that power is efficiently used when not needed.


I want to use C1E, C3/C6/C7 and EIST to minimise power usage when idle. What options do I have? I do not want to RMA this PSU only to be given an identical model which exhibits the exact same fault.

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