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CM2X1024-6400C4 Problems


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A few days ago the Hardware monitoring on my computer was freaking out and displaying that I had messed up voltages and temperatures. So i bought a new PSU and called my motherboard manufacturer and they had me reset the CMOS. It cleared up the voltage problem but when i tried to tun my PC on it wouldnt work. I reset the memory timings and voltages for the RAM and ran memtest on each stick individually but on the third stick the system freaked and the display wouldnt work.

I took out all but one stick of RAM and tried again. The display wouldnt turn on and the computer would just sit there. From there i took out the graphics card unplugged the power to the CD/DVD drive and the harddrives and reset the CMOS again. Once i plugged everything back in the display worked. I could even get into Windows fine from this point after i reset everything and only had 1 stick running.

From there i used Memtest to test each stick of memory individually while the BIOS settings and ram settings were still all on default/auto and they each passed, but as soon as i tried the memory in a pair the display wouldnt turn on and even when i have one stick in the display still wont turn on.



So any suggestions on what I should do or what is causing this problem?

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