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Here is the first Modded H50:


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I dont know if this thread is against rule?


Yes I am H50 Owner, but this is not mine, another Owner is own and modded this:






from link



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In case, anybody who dont sure what ID and OD meaning. ID stand for Inner Diameter and OD stand for Outer Diameter.


My highly recommending: the PVC tube 1/4" Inner Diameter (6.35 mm), 3/8" Outer Diameter (9.525 mm) for H50 if you desire to modifiy tubes. ;)


You can find PVC tube from LOWE and HOME DEPOT. Plus You can find distlled water from Target and WalMart store. ;):



Please remember what Yellowbeard's quote


We'll need to remind everyone that this sort of modding will void the warranty.



Our H50 is not the same as the stock Asetek version. There have been some improvements made.
Yes I agree with this post. :D:
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Ask the creators of those mods to post here instead of copying their pics :)
Wow, I feel guilty, because I never thought that I ask them for their permission I post those in this thread..


thanks for your great advice and remind me, otherwise you can lock this up. its up to you. ;)

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Links to the source is good enough. We had one of the creators start his own thread, but then he deleted it because he saw your pics. Personally I like to see the author create the thread if at all possible, as they generally post more of the thought / build process. No need to feel guilty :) Sharing is caring!


Also, we're going to have a build log area / article system soon, so the more info posted the better.

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Has any of the gents here doing mods thought of running a line thru a ice water chill between the pump & the radator? Im wondering how chilly one could make it before worrying about condensation? Say 35-40F?

A small foam lined cooler with the line running thru it is what im thinking about. With a lid on it the ice water would remain cold a LONG time. At least a full day.

I guess my next question would be to the Corsair guys as to what would be the longest line run one could place on the H50 if he wanted to add a chiller line like im speaking about? Anyone know how long a line the pump can handle?

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I know the double radiator is dead. The pump gave out.


This is interesting to me, reading up on the asetek site there is already at least 1 OEM using this pump (without corsairs "tweaks") using a bigger radiator like that and they have plenty of pics on there site showing 1 block/pump with bigger rad + gpu cooling. If you read around on there site they talk about different pressure systems and how this type of system can handle multiple blocks or radiators with this 1 pump. Wonder if his failure was due to something else :confused:




Clicky The blackbird has 2 gpu's and a massive rad and its fine.

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My H50 has a leak in one of the hoses. I think it got too close to a cooling fin on my NB cooler, so I am about to mod mine.


Whats the best thing to fill these with?


Make very certain that you use DISTILLED water to prevent any issues that tap water has. Tap water has traces of minerals and other things that will ZAP the coolant mix of it's corrosion protection in the cooling loop.


Back in the days of the Corsair HydroCool 200, the mix was 1/3rd Propylene Glycol to 2/3rd Distilled water. With the H50 it may be a different ratio.

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