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Is this a fake 8GB Flash voyager?


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This is my first post here. I bought a 8GB flash voyager from a retailer (with a store front) in Sydney, Australia about 3 weeks ago. After trying to transfer a large folder with lots of little files across onto it I noticed that it was very slow compared to my old 512MB flash voyager. Then I inspected it closer and noticed slight visual difference. The one that sticks out the most is the font, I will go in more detail later about this later.


Here is the drive's performance:-



Click to view full size!


The thing that makes it slow is the <1MB and <2MB write performance. The read performance is outstanding though (rivals a GT) which is why I'm in two minds about whether it's a fake or not.


Here is a geniune 512MB Voyager (bottom) and one I suspect is either a fake or refurb (top):-



Click to view full size!


They're both actually the same size. The top one is just further from the camera. Notice two things:-


1. The font used for "Voyager" the 8G one (top) is slighter thinner than on the 512MB one.


2. The capacity of the drive is not indicated by a '8G' embossed on the led cover where it is on every other 8GB drive I've seen.


Other differences include: different shape blue nib on cap; the 8GB one is slightly thicker (this may be normal);


Having said that I've successfully moved 8GB across onto the drive without problems, although when I first tried it I DID get corrupt files. Additionally, the packaging itself seems genuine. This is either a very good fake, a revision or refurb. But it's write performance is so appalling that I can't use it for anything. My older flash voyager (now dead) offered outstanding write/read performance hence the repurchase from me, I expected the same.

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Here's a pic of the back of the packaging. The image is pretty poor quality:-



Click to view full size!


Here's a clearer picture of the front:-



Click to view full size!


The letters on the usb connector are:-






Click to view full size!


The letters on the rear of the usb connector are:-



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Help to define authenticity of the flash card.

I bought from the seller on Ebay, he claims that the original.

I have a doubt, on old the flash of 2GB is specified volume on the LED indicator, on this it is absent, very low speed of record.

Excuse for the translation of the text.







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The USB drive looks real.


A non-genuine USB will have;

No etched numbers on the USB connector

No labels on the packaging

No activity L.E.D.


See if you can find some Flash Voyager 8GB USB 2.0 reviews so you can compare the speeds.

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