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Water cooling loop question


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Hello, I'm planning on building a water cooled system with this case. I want to cool the cpu, video cards (sli), and the chipset. I want to have a dual radiator setup, one dedicated to the cpu and the chipset, and the other for the video cards.


My issue is that I'm unsure if one pump will create enough flow for a system of this size. I could do two separate loops thats independent of each other as well.


Loop config: Reservoir, pump, first radiator, cpu, chipset, second radiator, video cards, back to reservoir.




Independent loop 1: Reservoir, pump, radiator, cpu, chipset, back to reservoir.


Independent loop 2: Reservoir, Pump, Radiator, video cards, back to reservoir.


What do you guys think? Thanks.

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you will always get better cooling with the independent loops. just like on cars. oil cooler seperate from water cooler. I could see with the CPU being the hottest every thing after that would be getting hot water instead of cold water. some of this is dependent on how much over clocking your doing and how effeceint the system is. I think with Ice cooling it would not really matter much if you linked the entire system.
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