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Front Mount Corsair H50


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The goal was to front mount my Corsair H50 near the front, to get as much cool air going through it as possible, and get away from the heated air exhausted by the PSU and Vid card at the back. I needed something to duct the air from the front panel to the rad and to put it closer to the CPU. This is the item I chose to allow me to accomplish this:



Click on above pic for more views


Then I removed all the stuff I wouldn't need from it. Front grill/filter, fan, and HDD mounting plates. To remove the mounting plates several rivets need to be drilled out. I also opened up the hole where the fan mounts with some tin-snips to reduce air restriction.


I then mounted all the goodies in the following order, from the inside case to outside:

FAN << FAN SHROUD (spacer) << H50 RAD << FAN MOUNT PLATE of modded HDD cage << FAN SHROUD (spacer) << FAN

<< is air flow


The cage is installed backwards so that the fan mount is now facing the inside of the case. I included the fan shrouds (made from old 120mm fans with the guts cut out) because it audibly reduced noise and to get away from the dead air (spot) from the fan hub. The fans I chose were two 1850rpm Gentle Typhoons, which are run at about 1000rpm. Everything was attached together as a unit. It was then slid in from the front and screwed down in the top 3 drive bays. Finally the H50 pump/block was mounted to the CPU and everything wired up.


Here are a few pics:










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didnt a mosfet fan come with the board? you have to use it when watercooling the CPU as a stock fan also cools the 'fets and N/S bridges.

plus it looks neat ;)


this one...

-removed -


No. It didn't come with that. There is lots of airflow inside the case from all the fans. I'll keep an eye out for possible overheating though.

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I dont see the reasoning for putting the 2 fans together like that?


One of them is not a fan, it's a spacer. There is one on each side of the H50, actually. Take your hand and cover the airflow of a spinning fan and you will notice how much louder it sounds (especially high flow ones). I prefer to use my computer, not go deaf from it.

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yes, that was interesting, what a shame his testing didnt quantitise the sound benefits, atleast i know i wont lose performance, i might buy a thin fan just for that reason.


thanks :)


If your H50 is back mounted you can try putting the fan outside the case (find a hole to run the wire through), and the spacer between the back of the case and the rad, if space is an issue.

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