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HX1000W Cable & modular config


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Fried PSU


I was playing a online Game "CoD MW2" when I could smell something getting Hot, So I Shut down the game & checked all my temps with Core Temp And checked CPUZ, GPUZ nothing was out of the normal line. So I continued back with the game then My computer Died all but the power on LEDs for my case & Fans but absolutely no function! I quickly unplugged the Box from my Belkin Surge Protector (the power source), Opened up my Cosmos S Case and felt the Q9550 Proc, NB, SB nothing was hot Checked the Quad 9800GX2's V Cards they were cool too but then I felt some heat below then and the HX 1000 was friggin Extremely HOT! ( Cooked ) and the smell that came out of it was ...well you know it! ( the fried smell) Now This was My Build that I just Finished putting together from all NEW Components that I Purchase over the last year as funds were available! The PSU has only Max 150 hrs run time on it? This is how it was configured for my system = I used the wired plugs for the board (Striker II Extreme) 24 pin and board 8 pin supply, then the two 8 pin pci-e into the first GPU 9800Gx2 (1- 8pin & 1 - 8pin split to 6 pin). Then from the Blue Modular side of PSU for the second GPU 9800Gx2 (1- 8pin & 1 - 8pin split to 6 pin). Then from the Black modular side for my 2-300GB 10,000RPM Velosa Raptors set in Raid-0, and my 3rd drive Segate baracuda 500GB (All Sata) & 1-LG DVD Burner & One all in 1 Card Reader. All Case fans are run of the Board headers!

The bottom mount for PSU in the Cosmos S Case has unobstructed min 2 1/4 inch clearance to the floor mount stand (Plywood base).


OK i have started the RMA process this morning & Have already received a RMA Approval Thanks for the fast approval .


I didn't want to have my PC down for an extended RMA perion So I went down to my local computer shop an picked up another HX1000 as my local Comp shop Rep Assured me that this is still a Great PSU for my system & that he has only seen one other HX1000 returned in two years!

So I bite the bullet and coff out another $260.00 sum bucks for a new one, I go home Install, fire it up luckily all works good no fried system parts " sweet! "


Q-1 Is there any better way to balance the load from PSU than What I am using for my Box in top of this long post?


Q-2 The PSU fan speed seems slow on the new one too is this normal ?


I will post on the RMA Turnaround time results too, But so fare I am impressed at the fast reply to my RMA request any thoughts as to my power configuration would be sweet Thanks again !

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Any suggestions or is it already set in the best configuration ?

The main connection I was wondering is should I use the pre-wired 8 pin cable for board power as I am now?

Or would it be better ( more balanced ) if I used the Blue Pci-e modular 8 pin cable for board power?

As all 7-120mm fans & the Side case 420mm fan are running off the board headers.

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Wow no response period?

I got a fast response from there automated mailer when I Sent in my RMA Request.

But when I EXPRESS AIR SHIPPED my POWERSUPPLY to Corsair "the same day" it took 8 days for Corsair to email me to say We got your shipment but there will be a 5 day wait before it can even be looked at and that they would email me again to let me know "the scoop" Once it was looked at.

Well this is now the 24th of December and IT was RMA-ed on 12-12-2009 and still not even a phone call or an E-mail?????


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  • Corsair Employees
I would suggest using the fixed 8-pin cable rather than the modular one, unless you will be using both. The PSU fan will normally spin very slowly, until you are at about 50-60% load on the PSU. Please contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com to check the status of your RMA.
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