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Survivor 32gb: Drive disappears then reappears


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Hi, I've looked through the forum for people with similar problem but haven't found anything. Had my Survivor 32gb replaced about 6 months back after the old one got corrupted and wouldn't format. (Amazing service - was V grateful)


The intermittent problem with this one is this: On some PCs (not my main laptop, however) the drive will disappear when I am copying a large file onto it. It just disappears ("Corsair (H)" just vanishes), the folder I am copying to is unavailable, and then then (mostly) the drive reappears and the autoplay starts up as if the drive had been taken out and inserted again.("Corsair (H)" reappears)


This is particularly frustrating when copying large files, but it doesn't happen all the time - just from time to time and with certain PCs - last happened last night with a new Packard Bell running Win 7 64bit.


I have not tried formatting the drive (yet). Wanted to see what more knowledgeable people would suggest. Seems premature to ask for an RMA if it can be fixed, but what is likely to make a difference?


Thanks to anyone who can help


Alan Lewis (in the UK)

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