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TW3X4G1600C9D on Core i5 platform


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Hi, I have the same RAM but in version 2.4. Excuse-me by advance for my bad english, it isn't my motherthong.


So, I bought this module for my P55 plateform but I forgot that this chipset doesn't support more than 1.65V and this module is specify at 1.8v.

I can't test it now because I haven't yet my CPU (core i5 750) but can I use this RAM at 1.65V? In 1333mhz or 1600mhz?


Sorry but I don't find any information about this SPD module, but I saw that it's a rebadged RAM CM3X2G1600C9DHX, is it work at 1.65V ?


Thanks a lot guys

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Excuse-me for my bad english, speaking french :s


So, Wired you said on a other thread that we mustn't follow the SPD find by CPU-Z. I understand why but how can we configure propretly our RAM if it's wrong? The tech data just give the standart timing but it's not enought for me.


A membre of Corsair support team can give me the different and correct step timing of this RAM and how it works at 1.65V ?

Example: at 666 mhz works on 1.65 v at 8-8-8-21 ? etc ..



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I stated that the SPD is static information that never changes and because of this, it does not reflect what the BIOS is set to at any given moment. You can set the BIOS to SPD settings if you so choose, but the SPD settings may not be the rated specs. In your case, they are not, however XMP is (although it's not advised to use XMP on your system because it would set the memory voltage too high).


The information you are looking for is:

1. On the label of your memory

2. In the sticky at the top of this forum (look for 1600C9DHX, same memory, different heat spreader)

3. In the Memory Configurator


In otherwords,1600 MHz, 1.80V, at latency settings of 9-9-9-24.


Don't set the memory voltage past 1.65v however.

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