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System Freeze Compatability Issue?

Shaun Owttrim

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Ok so above is the rig i built about 2 weeks ago. Problem i now have is after about a few days in i got a random system freeze no blue screen just 100% freeze. after a week or so now i have had this issue nearly 20 times and getting more frequent. They happen at random times, i've had it while jut surfing in firefox, while loading and playing WoW and MW2, Also during boot up and shutdown. I have ran a memtest for 14 hours whilst i was sleeping and working and when i came home it was still running with no errors. I have also checked temperatures and they all seem to be rather normal. So i thought i'd check the asus and corsair websites to see compatibility between my M4A785TD - EVO and the 4 Modules of CM3X2G1333C9 ram i have and i can't find anything in the comparability list saying they're compatible. So have i bought the wrong ram for the job here? or could it be another problem within the ram or my bios settings? ( I havn't changed any yet as this asus bios confuses me a little :P). Or is it simply not compatible with the rig i have?


Thanks for the help.

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