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odd ram problem


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I have the hp m9077c computer that I have already upgraded with a corsair 500W PSU and an ASUS 1gb HD4850. I have also upgraded to a 64 bit windows 7 OS. currently I have 3 GB of standard ram but i have just bought 8 GB or 2 sets of 2, 2gb sticks of the type 6400c5dhx. I have tried them all individually and none are defective and I have also successfully ran one set of 2 sticks at once. My problem is that when I install the total 8GB of the new ram, my screen immediately goes to sleep upon boot up and will not show the start-up screen. Through observation I have determined that it is just not receiving a signal from the GPU which is fully functioning and turned on along with the rest of the computer. The computer itself has all of its component lights active and fans working. It is as if there is an overload of ram on the system or something that is making the GPU not work. Any other amount of this new ram put into my system will fully function but its just the full 8GB at once that are the problem.

I'm not sure but I think it might be because I'm using pc6400 ram instead of pc5300 or because my PSU cannot support all this hardware or my motherbord can just not handle this much of the higher performance ram.

Any tips or possible reasons for the lack of image can help. I should just say that my cables are plugged in correctly just as in when I use less ram in the system.

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