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My H50 can't get me to 4.0ghz Help please!


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Hey thanks for clicking on my thread.


Here is the problem. I'm trying to get my i7 860 to 4.0ghz using these bios setting.


* CPU Multiplier Setting to 20x

* CPU Frequency Setting (AKA BClock) to 200MHz

This will give me exactly 4.0GHz (20x200)

* PCIE Frequency Setting to 104MHz. (In some cases this can help maximize BClock)

* QPI Frequency Selection to 4.270 GT/s

* EVGA VDroop Control - Without VDroop

* Bootup CPU VCore - 1.30000V (good for starting point, will likely need to increase for 24/7 stability)

* Eventual CPU VCore - 1.30000V (good for starting point, will likely need to increase for 24/7 stability.)

* DIMM Voltage - 1.65V

* Bootup CPU VTT - 1.400V

* Eventual CPU VTT - 1.400V

* Intel C-STATA Tech - Disabled


I've installed a PUSH/PULL fan onto my H50 and my temp (according to real temp 3.40) is above 85-90 Celsius


I've seen so many users on this forum using the same cpu cooler and they can get speed up to 4.2ghz with temp not above 85 Celsius.


Here is my current setting and temp.



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You dont think trying to push from 2.8GHZ to 4.0GHZ isnt asking just a tad bit much? LOL!

There are a mountain of things to consider when OCing a sys. Other then just the processor & its cooling. The Corsair unit cools via room temp so the cooler the room the cooler the CPU. OCing makes matters worse, dont expect miracles with a room temp cooling sys. Ive gotten my Phenom II BE 550 3.1 GHZ to 4.0GHZ on the Corsair unit but that jump isnt as wild a leap as your asking to do. Took a LOT of tweaking in the bios also to get it stable. As I said a mountain of variables & every system is different heck, just the steppings of the CPU could hinder a good OC.

Its true some owners can reach 4.0 & even above but again the CPU & the M/B & its bios has a LOT to do with it. Bad mem can reak havoc, any M/B defects that normally dont show up while in normal clock mode etc..........Probs show up usually only when the sys is being stressed.

What is the highest stable clock can you reach at this point.

Looks like your doing whats needed, may I also ask what case do you have your temps are a bit high. Im running a full size tower to maximixe the airflow & all my wiring is hid behind my M/B so all the components are fully open to all my fans blowing on them. Makes a HUGE diff.


One other thing id like to add is if you get the chance pull the water pump off the CPU & hold a razer to the CPU to determine if the cPU is perfectly flat if not a lapping is in order. If its perfectly flat then your ok. Hold the cPU up to a light source while holding a single edge razer over it if light shows then you know its lumpy & will not cool evenly. I checked my Phenom & I was lucky it was as flat as if it had been lapped & that is NOT the norm. I know its a hassle but anytime you add a new CPU in the future do this check its worth it. Good luck there.

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thanks Wired for shrinking the picture


My case is a Antec 900. The case designed to have a 140mm case fan on the top of the tower so it can pull the heat out from my computer. Isn't that more than enough to get to 4.0ghz with a good load temp?


Thanks for the tips heliman, I'll keep that in mind.

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Yea, thats a good case,

I have a similar setup & same brand they work great. Still 4.0 & above is the holy grail of OCing my friend not everyone makes it. Keep tweaking & take note of everything so you dont get lost. The best way to oC is to begin by just raising the CPU multiplier first till BSOD then back doen & take a note of this setting then, place the cPU back to stock clocks & do this again with every other setting this way you will know the boundrys of ea. setting for CPU, mem, GPU, etc....then you can start raising the bar knowing your upper limits of stability. By doing it this way you will find the weak link in your sys.

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