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Need help with my temps on a H50


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Hi all,


have recently bought a H50 2nd hand online. It is basically opened and seller realized it does not fit in his case. he has not turned on the set before, but he did try to mount the pump on the processor, therefore there's an imprint on the default thermal compound. so i mounted it up on my system following the informative video that corsair has provided. on first boot up sloshing was heard for about maybe just 30 seconds. not sure if this is okay according to what i have read up on this forum. when booted into windows, temps are 49C on 3.5ghz idle. from what i have read online, this definitely isnt the temps i should be getting. previous stock cooler was at 59C or so. hope any1 here could tell me if theres a prob with my pump? or its because the thermal compound was imprinted before? appreciate all help. thanks in advance!


Cheers and regards :)

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i think my voltage is TOO high... fan(16xx rpm) is pulling air in from outside thru the radiator and into the case. fans on top removed to accomodate the radiator LOL

other fans include side fan pushing air out @ 19xx rpm and hdd fan at the front pulling in @ 12xx rpm.

okay thats about it hope any1 can help. will post more photos if requested

room temp is prolly 30C to 40C.. i live in quite a warm country.


cheers and thanks

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You will probably find that people getting the temperatures that you are expecting are using high performance (and high noise) fans, 2 of them in push pull configuration: -> fan -> radiator -> fan ->.


can you crop your screen shot so we can read the numbers? it looks like 1.36V ?


this probably wont help your h50 temps, but if you have space in the roof for a small 80mm or 92mm fan your overall system will benefit, even if its rotating at slow speeds.

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here. seems like i need to attach another fan i guess.


Your Vcore of 1.392 is way too high for 3.2GHz. You should focus on this issue before adding fans. High Voltage = High Heat Loads. You should be able to run at less than 1.2 Volts at your indicated frequencies. Check you BIOS settings.



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