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TX750 problems


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Ok, so my question is about my +12v rail. When I look at the Hardware Monitor that came with my Biostar HP45 motherboard, is shows my +12v rail at 11.97v

But, when I use CPUid Hardware monitor it shows my +12v rail at only 10.30v.


Now I had a friend with the exact same Motherboard and PSU use the programs on his computer as well and it showed both at 11.95v


So I am wondering, can I trust CPUids Hardware monitor, the reason I ask is because my computer randomly loses power for a second. It is always during a game, my screen will freeze for about 5 seconds, then it will go black for a few seconds, then you can hear all the fans suddenly turn off and then turn back on. Sometimes when it does this it just hard locks instead. I thought this was a power issue as my PSU at the time only have 18A on the +12v rail. So I got this new TX750 and it is doing the same thing.


I am trying to keep this simple sounding, but I am really running out of ideas here if anyone could help

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I always use Catalyst Control Panel and put my fans peed up to 70 or 80% and that keeps my GPU temps at about 61 degrees during full loads. And my CPU temps never go above 44 degrees.


I thought the same with with it being a heat issue but I have been monitoring my heat and never see if get higher than those numbers. That is why my thoughts are going towards it being a power issue. Hence why I upgraded my PSU to the TX750W. Since the problem continued I have no idea what causes it. Some things that might help figure it out.


Dragon Age Origins: Rarely ever crashes-Game is run at 1680x1050 with all settings maxed

Modern Warfare 2: Plays fine for awhile then crashes constantly once it starts, lowering the graphics seems to make it run for longer

World of Warcraft: Same thing as MW2 except runs for much longer before crashing


I really would like to figure this out, as I don't want to just start throwing parts at my computer.

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