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Possibly Faulty Corsair 550W VX?


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I just finished putting my rigs together, and when I boot up, 2 Delta(AFB1212SHE) fans won't start up. I have them connected to the Sunbeam Rheobus, and even at full knob, not a single movement.


Here are the tests I've done before putting the rig together:

Wall->Generic PSU->Fans = Works

Wall->Generic PSU->Fan Controller -> Fans = Works


Now here are what I've tried:

Wall->Corsair VX550W->Fan Controller -> Fans = No Spin

Wall->Corsair VX550W->Fans = No spin

Wall->Corsair VX550W->Fans(Antec Tri-Cool) = Works

Wall->Generic PSU->Fans = Works


Apparently there's something wrong either with the PSU, can anyone identify it? I've tried swapping the molex connector and it's still no movement for the fans. But I tried a much weaker fan and it works.

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