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Loud bang and white flash from Corsair psu

help me

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Hi could someone give some advice, I swithced my pc on and it made a loud abng and flash from the psu. (corsair tx650w)


I tried the fuse and it works in another appliance, so the fuse hasn't gone.


I'm a little worried now incase I've damaged something.


I put another fuse in and the pc is switching on.


Originally the fuse was a 13amp which came with the psu, and has worked fine, I've replaced it with a 5am since the bang.


because the fuse 13amp still works what the hell was the loud bang and white flash?


The flash appeared from where the kettle laad connects to the psu.


I'm really concerned because the fuse didn't blow so what the hell caused the bang and flash?


Could it have been if I didn't connect the lead all the way in?


Also how can I test for damage to my parts.


Obvioulsy if they don't power up it's obvious but could they power up but still have some sort of damage that gets worse.


I'm really paranoid because I've spent a hell of a lot on my pc.

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