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Report on my 2nd 800D Build


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I finished my 2nd 800D build a few days ago. At this time I will give the case an A-. I overclocked my i7 920 DO to 4.001.1 with the help of the revised Corsair HD50. I mounted the HD50 radiator at top rear fan position. Putting the HD50 rad in the rear position would have been too tight a fit because of the Classified's large heatsink. I have, however, seen photos of system builds with the rad mounted in the rear position with the Classified motherboard. My system is stable, and is running at excellent idle and load temps. I installed a 2nd 120mm exhaust fan next to cpu-rad fan at the top of the case.


The Corsair Obsidian 800 is a solid product.:laughing:

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