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GA-P45-UD3R works with 6GB but not 8GB


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Bought recently a pair of TWIN2X4096-8500C5D to get 8GB on a Gigabyte GA-P45-UD3R (rev 1.1, updated to latest bios).

I initially had issues with getting this memory to work until I started increasing MCH which is now at 1.30v (IIRC).

But at the moment I'm stuck with 6GB as the memory will fail after a couple of minutes of Memtest.

I haven't had the time yet to test that other stick independently but if it proves to be working OK, I'd like to know what are the other settings that I can change so that all 4 sticks work and not just two.

BTW: I'm running the ram at 800mhz and not 1066mhz with 5-5-5-15 timings and 2.1v voltage.



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Replying to myself.

Decided to return the memory sticks and tempt my luck with another manufacturer.

My story is I happily used this setup with 4x2GB from another manufacturer but one of the sticks is I think failing so decided to replace them all with Corsair's. But having now spent a couple of evenings trying to get the setup working again I've decided to return them instead and go with a third manufacturer.

Hopefully I will be third time lucky..

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I've done further tests before swapping the memory with something else and to my surprise, the last stick I was going to put was faulty, I didn't test it independently but I replaced it another stick I had another model, same brand/model, and Memtest worked.

So my plan is to return a pack of TWIN2X4096-8500C5D and do some shuffling with memory.

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