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problem with 2 kits of CMG4GX2M2A1066C5


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Dear Corsair support,


Today i got my new 8GB Kit ([mentioned in title]x2).

And when i tried to boot my pc it just freezed at "Test DRAM"(at the Asus LCD Poster).

As i tried to set the timings and the voltage specified by corsair, same thing happened again after rebooting.

My BIOS is the latest version provided by Asus. (2201)


I specified these Timings:


at a RAM-voltage of 2.10V

Do you have any suggestions/ideas to fix that problem?



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I have tested every combination of Pairs, also tested different slots.


stick1+2, stick 1+3, stick 1+4, stick 2+3, stick 2+4, stick 3+4 (also different banks/slots)

(now after setting all the bios stuff manually):

No errors during memtest, just freezes randomly and i have to push the reset button every time i shut down or restarted the pc via software.

(One weird thing is that the memory runs fine if i only use 3 sticks/6gb-total, doesn't matter which sticks/banks i use together)


please apologize my bad english, since it's not my first language.

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I think I am having the same issue, I have the same exact ram, and an asus board.

(ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard). I have not tried running 3 sticks, but each pair work fine with the above timing and voltage, also I believe in different slots. I have run memtest in different configurations, no errors. With all 4 sticks in, the system is unstable and it crashes, or I get the blue screen of death. Any answers for us?

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sorry to say im pretty new to comp settings. how do you reduce the speed? would that be the voltage? 2.10v . or the timing 5-5-5-15-2C settings? or is it a fsb/multiplier/oc setting?

And if its one of these what should I change them too? I am pretty sure I know how to change them in the bios.


Thanks for any help wired


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I think he was talking about the FSB-Clock.

Gonna reply tomorrow, since i don't have enough free time today.



Okay, so i tried to lower the fsb clock from 1066 to 800.

I keep getting the same result (freezes, system hangs etc.).

But only when i'm using 4x2 sticks, when i'm using 3 or less sticks, it works


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