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Running my dominator memory to the max speed?


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I have had the DFI Infinity 975X/G with the Core 2 Duo E6600 for a few years and i'm looking to bump the speed up a notch and take full advantage of the Dominator memory I bought for it at the time. I've pretty much been running it at 3.01GHz for the past few years and i'm looking to increase the speed.


I have the most recent bios installed which was 10/12/2007 and below are my current settings:


====Ratio and Clock Setting=========

CPU Speed 3240MHz

CPU Clock ratio Setting 9x

CPU Clock Setting 360MHz


====Voltage Setting========

CPU Vid Offset - + 150.0mV

CPU VTT Voltage - 1.30V

DRAM Voltage - 2.10V (recommended by Corsair for this specific memory)

NB Chip Voltage Setting - 1.60V



Memory Hole Remapping - Enabled


====DRAM Timing and config==========

Cas Latency Time - 5

DRAM RAS # to CAS # Delay - 5

DRAM RAS# Precharge - 5

Precharge dealy (tRAS) - 15

Refresh Mode Select - 15.6 us


I'm currently running 4GB of the Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066 (PC28500) memory. I have them at 5-5-5-15 @ 2.1V which was recommended and my boards system memory frequency is at 667MHz.


I have read that people can run this system up to about 440MHz FSB before it's pushed to the limits. I'm not trying to get up that high. I'm just trying get my memory to run as close to 1066MHz as possible.


I will need to change my System Memory Frequency to 800Mhz, but how do I adjust everything else (voltages) to kep my CPU at 3.2GHz with the faster memory speed and have the system be stable?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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You are going to simply have to experiment with your settings yourself. The memory voltage needs to stay at 2.1v or 2.2v, and is printed on the sticker.


975 MOBOs in general don't usually go to 1066 very easily and there is no magic formula. Additionally, it's even harder with 4 modules. You'll probably need 1.4v - 1.5v on the memory controller and some good cooling on it.

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