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TwinX2048-8500C5 Errors


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Running Twin2X2048-8500C5 on a Gigabyte EP35-DS4 (CPU is Intel E8400). Got a blue screen today referencing the memory controller, and on reboot, machine would get to "Memory test - OK" then stop. Pulled RAM and reseated, same thing. About half the time the monitor light would not even come on. Reseated graphics, RAM again, CPU, swapped PSUs for test. Booted, finally. Ran Memtest.


Failed on Test #6 - 46 errors before it locked up. Switched RAM modules and slots. 1000+ errors right at the start of Test #1. Swapped places again, and so far it has done a full pass without errors.


I did this both with my over clock on and at stock BIOS settings. When running my CPU at 3.6GHZ I have to slightly under clock RAM to 1000MHZ.


My mobo defaults to 1.8v for RAM. I had set it to +0.30v (2.1v), but I noticed when looking up my RAM specs at Corsair that it lists at 2.2v. Is this correct? I checked when I first got the RAM, and was sure it was supposed to run at 2.1v. Are the troubles I'm seeing because the RAM voltage is set too low?

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