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Memory for Asus M4A785-M


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Hi All,


I recently purchased a Asus M4A785-M motherboard with XMS Twin2X2048-8500C5 memory. It blues-screens about 5 to 10 minutes during my windows 7 install.


I can't find this board in the memory configurator. Is this memory compatible with my board? OR is there some other Corsair memory that will work if this won't?




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I finally figured out today what was going on. I was fooling around with the memory settings you mentioned and for the heck of it I decided to trying swapping 2GB sticks since it was about the only thing I hadn't tried.


I went ahead with my windows 7 install and completed it finally after a month of fighting with this new computer.


After finishing the Windows 7 install I put the 2nd stick in and couldn't even boot windows 7 properly. definitely the problem.


I've put in a ticket to get a RMA to get these sticks returned.


I've currently got 1 2GB stick in my memory slots with 5-5-5-15T and it's been purring for hours. I can't believe I wasted a month on fighting with a bad stick.


Thanks for the help.

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