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Faulty module?


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Hi, i recently found my computer would crash at what seemed like random times and i think ive narrowed it down to my ram but would appriciate any assistance i can receive.


Ive been running my cm2x2048-8500c5d's quite happily (5-5-5-15 & 2.1V @ 1066) on my formula maximus 2 for some time until i crashed during a gaming session. After this happened i would crash so often that i thought my only alternative was to reformat and hope that would sort out the problem. To install vista ultimate 64 i had to have only one stick of ram in (so at the time it seemed like my problem was solved) i stuck in my second ram stick and the crashes would occur again. If they were set to 1066 the computer would post but as it loaded windows would enter a blue screen. Setting the ram to 800 i could at least enter windows but i would randomly crash and/or have some very annoying slowdowns during tasks as simple as opening a file.


On one of the blue screens i saw the word "memory" in it so thought to try the windows memory diagnostic test (bearing in mind my ram would be set to 800) the results were varied, sometimes it would pass sometimes it would say there was an error. I needed something more conclusive so i tried memtest.


With both sticks in @800 after 5 hours i got 15 errors.

With both sticks in @1066 after 1 minute i got over 100,000 errors (:eek:).


Ive not used memtest much but does this point to an error with the ram? Or could it be something else such as the hard-drive? (im running 2 samsung drives in raid0)


Overnight i thought i would test the ram one at a time. I pulled out one stick and set the ram to 1066 (plus recommended settings) and as soon as i started the test received quite a colourful surprise (displayed in my attachment). Has anyone seen this before? Memtest seemed to be running but I had to ctrl+alt+delete to exit and couldnt use escape to exit the test. I think it found a few errors but i couldnt see the numbers:eek:


I then took the first stick out and placed the other stick of ram in the same slot. It ran overnight @1066 (with recommended settings) and found no errors.


So is one of my ram sticks faulty? Are there any more tests i should do?


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Thank you for your prompt reply, ive completed a form and now submitted it. For clarity, on the form under "Part quantity" i selected "2" as even though only one stick seems faulty it was sold as a kit and i would return both sticks to receive two new sticks? My apologies if it seems obvious, ive not done this before:o:
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