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Need PSU for 9-yr-old Compaq Presario


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I'm new to having to understand power supply specifications, so please bear with me! Also, I'm not a gamer but just use my PC for email, usenet, file downloading and internet browsing.


I purchased a VX450W from Newegg thinking it would work in my old Presario 5000 5WV254 that I bought in November 2000, but it doesn't. There isn't even a sound of any kind when I try to turn on the PC. No lights, no sound, no nothing - just silence.


I'm currently using a WT480 480-watt psu. I added several pieces of hardware last year. At that time, I bought the WT480 from a site that offered the power supply based on the fact that I have a Presario 5000 5WV254. The power supply - which sounds like the jet engines are ready for the PC to take off into the sky - lasted about 10 months at which time the fan started to "act up" on cold boots at times. It was still within the site's one-year warranty, so they sent a replacement. It works but listening to this airplane engine is getting a little old. And the fan has already "acted up" a couple of times.


I want to get a Corsair. The VX450W looked like a good fit. I'm now thinking that the reason it doesn't work is because the +5V rail(?) pin(?) doesn't have enough amps. The original Compaq-branded PSU had +5V@25A where the VX450W has +5V@20A.


Is it possible that the VX550W - which has +5V@28A - would work in my system?


I do know that the absence of the -5V rail is not a problem because the WT480 does not have it and my system runs just fine without it.


By the way, the VX450W is not defective because when I put it into a newer Compaq SR5710Y that I got earlier this year, it works fine and I'm going to leave it there as a replacement for the original Bestec power supply.

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