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TX650 in Dell Dimension 9200


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My graphics card has decided to give up the ghost after 2 years in my Dimension 9200. So on the search for a new card I now realise that I may need to upgrade my PSU. It's been suggested by a UK online company that I should look at the TX650. I'm just concerned that I read many posts on the web saying that Dell PC's may not take standard PSU's. The chap at this company says that as I already have a Nvidia 8800GTX graphics card which uses the two additional power connectors my current PSU must be standard.


I'm hoping that somebody here with more experience may be able to confirm this. If so I'll be ordering the TX650 tomorrow.


I've given the link to the Dell documentation for the 9200/XPS410 which details the PSU. To me it looks as if the TX650 will be okay.




Hope somebody can help me.


Thanks in advance



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