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First of all, sorry because I'm posting my problem here, because I have exactly same problem with the thread starter, Falk982 - just I'm using different MB, Asus M4A78T-E.


Also, I've already read other similar thread with my setup here (ironically, I believe this thread is what Falk982 said about increasing voltage setup), but just like him, I also did not getting perfect settings.


With default stock (1.6v @ 1333Mhz) :


+ Immediate freeze with prime95 64bit

+ Also got hardware problem result when testing with Memory Diagnostic Tools (Windows 7 Ultimate)

+ Got alot of BSOD, and freeze / hang with sound loops

+ Sometimes freeze/crash when in high load (usually when playing games)

+ Sometimes freeze at random times (internet, watching video, or simply when idle)

+ When I reboot after crash, usually I got no display although system loads. So I have to cooled it down (wait more than 30mins to use my system back)


With 1.8V @ 1333Mhz :


+ Didn't see much different, but more stable than stock.

+ Often when I reboot after crash, I got display compared to stock volts.

+ Got 10 errors at test #3 with memtest86+, and windows fail to start because of device error. I cool it down for a while, take out my RAM and insert it back, system runs fine (and freeze after a while).


With 1.7V @ 1333Mhz :


+ Also didn't see much different, but I think more stable than 1.8v.


My question is:

1) Do I need to test my RAM first with other machine before I submitted the RAM for my RAM (as stated by Falk982 at post #5)?


2) With the problems stated above, can I really thinks that my RAM defective?


3) Am I need to test each of the module or just simply send both of RAM to the retailer?


4) Just curious, why must this types of Corsair RAM (TW3X4G1333C9A / DHX) got similar problem, or just simply because the compatibility with motherboard? Or is that because this is a new RAM?



To mods : Do I need to open new thread?

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