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550VX excessive fan noise


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:confused::confused:I have been recently trying to quiet down our office as the number of pc's and laptops running has been growing (when an admin is married to an oracle DBA the geek cave can get a bit crowded LOL)... Recently I had noticed that my personal machine was the nosiest of the crowd which actually shocked me, I replaced the old case with an @ntec 900 after seeing it running in a local computer shop... after getting everything moved over it became clear the culprit was the PSU. I have looked at some of the load calculators and most agree I am running between 310 and 340 which are down in the very low noise end of the graph on the 550vx. From the way it sounds as soon as the system is powered on the fan basically runs at full tilt there is never any variance in the noise level, is there any way to check to see if the auto speed control is functioning properly?
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