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Hi I have installed CMG4GX2M2A1066C5 DDR2 Dominator GT


Can i run these modules at 533mhz and 2.1v without the fan as i cannot control its speed thru software at the moment?????



The fan is runing at full speed (3500rpm is this safe???) and i cannot control the speed using smartfan or the temp control software that came with the dfi mobo (smartguardian).


I am runing win 7 RC 64 bit and i think this might be the problem with my mobo not being able to control fan speed thru software.


At the moment I am using a resistor already wired (56ohm) which came with a zalman case fan to lower its speed.


With this resistor in place the speed is down to 1800 rpm which is quiet but has an irritating hum. Is this ok solution for long term???


Hopefully Win 7 HP 64 bit will give me control as I also cannot control my Noctua cooler thru mobo software. I am using a resistor that came supplied with the noctua to reduce its speed.


It is not difficult to use different resistors and esperiment with the speed vs noise issue.


I ill try that as a last resort to control speed if Win 7 proper doesnt help out.


Maybe In the future Corsair can place a three speed switch on the unit itself which eliminate this issue totally.



Thanks In Advance

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You should not really need the fan at all unless you are overclocking the ram beyond the EPP profile (they sell the same ram without the fan for this reason as its certified to run fine at those speeds for motherboards that either directly support EPP or can have the voltage manually set to 2.1 or more). If your case has adequate ventilation then you shouldn't have a problem, but you can always touch the heatsinks to see how hot they are getting.


Regarding adjusting the speeds, I don't know your motherboard but mine has the option to control fan speeds via settings in the bios. If yours has a similar feature you should be able to adjust the settings there.

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