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Freezes and crashes with 8gb of memory


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I recently purchased and installed 8 gb of memory in my MB.


I spoke with EVGA and they had helped me set the memory initially and had recommended that I increase the voltage to 2.15V - that seemed to cause more freezes.


I now know from perusing these forums that the intel and amd northbridges are not able to process the memory fast enough when using all 4 slots to be able to fully utilize the memory speeds listed and results in these freezes.


I also now know that I can reduce the memory speed to 800mHz and it may work better.


Unfortunately I only have stock cooling fans in the case (7 I think) and on the processor but was wondering how I can tweak the settings to get the most out of the memory safely and with stability?


I did read a thread earlier that spoke to this but I lost it and can't find it again.


Thanks in advance.


PS: its too late to return the memory but I can certainly buy more fans.

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