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HX1000W question

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Hello I built my system about exactly a year ago. (I think you can see my build setup on my profile? I added it when I registered on the forums)


No problems at all until 2 weeks ago. When randomly (usually while I am in a video game or starting windows) my machine will power down and restart. There were no software or driver updates immediately precluding this. I have scanned my comp for viruses (nothing). Sometimes it chain restarts multiple times. Very frustrating. Windows event log shows nothing... seems to be a power down issue perhaps when my video cards fire up taking more energy? who knows. anyway I am inclined to believe this is an issue with my power supply due to the random nature of the restarts. however I do not feel like driving 30 mins to home depot to by electrical equipment to test it or lug it around town looking for someone to test it.


Smart thing to do is to RMA it?


what is the turn around time for shipment back to me once it is received by corsair?


thank you

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yes I have done multiple memory tests; none returned errors; I don't know how to "be sure" it isn't another issue -- as of right now the signs point to a power supply failure.


My RMA was approved; will be sending it today. I'll keep this updated as to whether or not the power supply is faulty

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usualy in these case the psu is the last of your problem. Your description is generic, but you have to be sure, your psu is not the cause of you problem.For my opinion, try another videocard, see in bios option, try to start it in safe mode (or something like disabling every options wich aren't essential).

did you overclock your pc? what kind of heat sink do you have on your cpu? do you have any fan in your case?

have you already tried to disconnect all your cables from motherboard/videocard/device and reconnect it?

try this sequential list:

0-any heat problem or windows/software problem

1-video card problem

2-motherboard problem

(these cases never happens)

3-ram or processor problem

4-other device problem

5-try another psu

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