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Corsair H50 installation


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Hello RamGuy:

I just purchased the Corsair H50 cpu cooler and note in the instructions

that the pump must be connected to the 4-pin connector on the mother-

board; I have installed the Aerocool Touch 1000 temp and fan control

device, and its cpu control is designed to connect to that 4-pin plug;

then the heatsink/fan of your choice is connected to a 3-pin fan connector

that comes off this control plug/line.


This presumeably allows the Aerocool Touch 1000 to gauge fan speed on

a heatsink/fan as needed; can I use this connector to the Aerocool device,

or should I bypass it and plug the H50 directly to that 4-pin connector on

the motherboard?


Your advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


Marvin Souw

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