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Boy, did I screw up or what?


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I have been buying Corsair memory since the mid nineties and have built probably 15 computers with this stuff and have always been totally satisfied.

Several years back, I had to RMA a set that wasn't working and they took care of that and I went on my merry way.


I have always been a stickler at keeping receipts and so forth, but this time I screwed myself. A littlle over a year ago, I bought two of the TWIN2X4096-6400C5 kits and used them with no problems until a couple of weeks ago.


I started having reboots and other issues, I ran memtest and everything I was supposed to do, and eventually, found 1 stick bad. I ran the computer for a couple of days, and decided to grab a couple of ******** memory sticks from a second computer and now I can't even find any of the Corsair memory I removed. I have been doing some housecleaning and throwing out some of the parts I have accumulated through the years, and it seems I threw away the Corsair memory also, somehow.


So now, instead of being able to get a replacement set I have none. 8 gigs of memory gone, when I could have gotten an RMA for the bad set and been satisfied once again.


Has anyone here been stupid enough to have done this before.....just curious?


It looks like to get what I had is now going to cost me another $200.00.


If I would have been able to find the set that was still working, I could have just RMA'd the bad set and got a second set to work with the good pair, correct?

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