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TW3X4G1333C9DHX Memory issue


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I bought and assembled a new computer 2 weeks ago.


Yesterday, while playing Crysis, I got a blue screen. So I restarted the computer with no problems and got back to playing. Then it crashed (blue screen) again. So I restarted and wanted to check the internet for some help and it crashed again.


After that, the computer just didn't boot into Windows. It said there were problems and to enter Windows repair thing which could never start up.


So, I randomly removed one of the 2 ram chips and the computer booted up beautifully (that's how I'm running it right now). I tried playing around with the chips, alternating with which was in and which slot, but the one chip I had removed before never worked, on its own or with the other.


Is this a chip, compatibility, bios setting, or other hardware problem?


Thanks for any help.

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