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VX550W kettle lead crackles when moved


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I just bought this PSU. It's in an Antec Two Hundred case, and is mounted upside down. If I move the PC, or touch the kettle lead, I hear electric crackling from the power socket. This happens even when the PSU is switched off (& the wall plug is on).


I used another kettle lead, and noticed the same problem, though to a lesser extent (that lead seemed to have a snugger fit to the PSU though).


This is a new build, I haven't even installed windows yet, but I can boot and get to BIOS setup OK.


Is the inverted position causing this, or this something that can be ignored, or am I looking at an RMA?


Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for the fast response!


However... as I was preparing to remove the PSU... I realised I hadn't pushed the kettle plug ALL the way in... <groan>


On the bright side, it works perfectly now! Perhaps the VX just has a snug socket (he said, desperately trying not to look like a complete idiot)

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