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I had a 128gb corsair extreme SSD just simply die on me. It is only 2 months old, and I have tried it in a couple of machines and it is simply dead.


I raised an RMA request on 28th Nov and still haven't heard or had any notification from you guys.


I am very disapointed, as I am a busy developer and have lost a machine now - I was expecting a 1 week turnaround to get back online again - but it is taking over a week to get an RMA number to return.


My Case#, which seems to be being ignored, is 1226720. Reading through some of the posts where others have had the same problem, it seems that you can hurry or prompt someone to speed a case up?


I was using this SSD as the boot drive for my machine, and I don't want to have to buy another drive so I can continue to use it - whilst waiting for a replacement.


Please, could you help. It seems that this is a known problem with these drives - do you recommend I get a different model - or is this all resolved now with the drives?



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Just a quick update on my RMA.


I sent the drive as stated above on 9th Dec. It was sent tracked delivery - all I am getting from the royalmail.com site for the tracked parcel is


"Your item, posted on 09/12/09 with reference LY411931175GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in NETHERLANDS."


Just wanted to update the status that the drive is faulty - and I still want the RMA. Don;t want the RMA to expire as the drive is in transit still.


I have rung royal mail - who say "the time is suspicious, and they would have expected it to be delivered with 3- 4 days". I now have to wait until 20 working days have passed to trigger a full investigation / tracking with them.


It was sent insured, so I am not overally concerned - just annoyed that it now seems to be sitting under a postmans seat in his van somewhere in europe!


So please don't cancel my RMA.

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