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Is this the right call RAM GUY?


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Hey RAM GUY. I need your advice. I’m building a new system with an Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard, an i7-920 CPU, Asus TX285 graphics and a Corsair 850HX power supply. I’ll be running Win 7 64 bit OS.


I checked the Asus web site for their Qualified Vendors List. The QVL is from December 2008, a bit out of date. I checked the Corsair site and found the list of memory that will work with my board.


I would like to get 12 gig so I’m looking at the 12GB DOMINATOR GT kit, CMD12GX3M6A1600C8.


This is guaranteed to work with this motherboard right? I just don’t want to pay $400 or so on something I can’t return.



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