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Asus P5Q3 Deluxe and TW3X4G1600C9DHX


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have a small problem with my pc ..... I have problem after crash on effect when I push a little memory to display ... a bit unstable and never at the same time ....

I pushed my research ... I did some test strips for the memories, ok. No problem


I appercu on Everest, both memory performance are not identical as they are the same ????!!!!


Vitesse du CPU:

Vitesse d'horloge du CPU 2003.7 MHz (original: 2833 MHz)

Multiplicateur du CPU 6x

FSB du CPU 334.0 MHz (original: 333 MHz)

Bus mémoire 534.3 MHz

Ratio DRAM:FSB 16:10

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Looks like you're underclocking your CPU ATM, which is limiting your memory to 1066 Mhz. Note that the only way to get the memory to 1600 MHz would be to overclock your CPU because its FSB is 1333 MHz.


What do yoy mean by "push a little memory to display" and "memory performance are not identical as they are the same"? All of that info was from the SPD, which NEVER changes. It's a static setting and not indicative of ACTUAL speeds / settings.


Download CPU-Z and post a pic (cropped please!) of the info in the MEMORY tab.


Also, your double post in the rules area has been removed.

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I'm not an ace of the hack, so, I have test screenshots on this link



(2 * click on image)


hope it can give you an answer on that strips memories do not work like ...

I have blue screen problems, especially when I'm on after effect, or I require more memory resources, ca me reboot the pc every time ...!!!!


I tested the Corsairs with memtest86 + no worries ....


I noticed on a test with Evrest, both barrette does not both the same?? is this normal??


thank you for your answer soon!!

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The SPD is correct for both modules and the SPD has to be set to something that every MB can post at with default voltage and the tested settings would need to be manually set. However, with the MB and CPU you have the fastest you can run the memory would be DDR1333 unless you over clock the CPU. SO I would suggest you set the Voltage to whats is printed on the modules label and then set the memory frequency at DDR1333 then test them with http://www.memtest.org to be sure it is stable.
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