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The Death of a TX650


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Last night I was merrily going about my holiday shopping online when all of the sudden I heard a small pop coming from my tower, suddenly my HD started going nuts and a louder pop followed. My computer suddenly shut off and I noticed blue sparks and a little smoke(nasty smell) coming from the back of the PSU. In my best estimation the PSU went out in all its glory. Aside from feeling pretty bummed about my less than a year old PSU dying on me I am worried about damage that may have been done to other components. I have a RMA out for replacement of the PSU but will Corsair cover any damage to other components? I have never in my life had a PSU die on me and nonetheless seen one go out in such a manner. My load was more than likely no more than 375W so I doubt that would have anything to do with it.


Thanks for the info in advance!

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