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Memory Problem Plus Sound Problem


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I've also posted this same issue at the EVGA website with no help what so ever yet. Also if it's ok I'm having the above mentioned sound problem that it probable not related but if anyone does have good input I would love to hear. Hope this doesn't break any rules, didn't see anything in the listed rules thread. So here it goes.


Ok I'm having a few minor but very perplexing and annoying problems.




The first problem was with the memory. Everything booted fine but it initial only detected 2 GB. By the way I had them installed in slots 1 and 3. So I shut down and popped em out checked the copper connectors everything looked fine and reseated the chips. This time during the boot up I checked the BIOS. It saw all 4 GBs of memory. Continued into Windows. Windows now saw all 4 but only 1.99 GB was available. Now the only other time I've seen anything like this was with on board video sharing the memory, and even then it wasn't half of the systems total memory. I then tried shutting down and putting the chips in 2 and 4 just see what would happen. Well I got an EA post error on the LED, couldn't even boot. So I figured o'well power down completely and tried to run the memory in 2 and 3 to run it out of dual channel. I was able to boot but still had the same issue. 1.99 GB available and still saw all 4. At this point it was just getting silly so I figured ok I'll download the new BIOS with my laptop, burned it to a CD. Booted the desktop and ran the BIOS flash. Update seemed work fine, honestly the BIOS didn't look much different and I didn't take note of the previous version before I did it so I can only assume it worked. However it did not fix my problem. So I'm still stuck at windows seeing 4 GB of memory with only 1.99 available.




This one I had a lot less that I was able to actually try because it just confused the crap out of me. So I started by going to test my sound. I'm running an optical cable from the on board sound port to back of my sony surround sound system. I get sound from my left and right channel but nothing from the center, rears or sub. So figure no biggie just need to change the configuration from 2 speaker stereo to 5.1 surround sound. Guess what... the option isn't there???? WTF??? A sound card with an optical port with no 5.1 support?? So went online found the drivers for the sound on the mother board and tried reinstalling thinking maybe somthing was wrong with the drivers on the CD. Well it still didn't work. So I figured what ever, I got an external sound card that I know works with Windows 7 since it was on other desktop and hooked it up. Its a Creative - Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 External USB Sound Card. Well it installs fine and I go to test it. Yep you guessed it! Still only sound from the left channel and the right channel with no option for surround sound. So I was able to find updated drivers for that and ran em. Well now I have an option for Surround sound with side speakers only no rear. Oh but it doesn't really matter because the left and right channel are still the only ones able to produce sound. And yes the speakers work I turned on my X-Box 360 hooked up to the same speakers and LCD tv and played COD4 with full sound working fine. So something else has to be happening I just have no idea.


Anyway... I'll keep trying to get this working and hunting around online, but I'm really hoping you all have some ideas. I'll be trying to call EVGA today for some help too and possibly Corsair. Thanks in advance for the help!

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