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HX750W buzzing while PC shutdown or disconnected


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I purchased a Corsair HX 750W PSU around 4 months ago and it has been emitting a medium pitch buzzing noise that comes and goes at irregular intervals while connected to power. I don't believe this is a problem caused by my PC components as the buzzing also arises while the PC is shutdown and even when I have disconnected components and connected the PSU individually to the power. I believe it is also unlikely to be a result of old household wiring as I haven't had a problem with other power supplies, including the TX 750W. I have tried additional power cords and have attempted to connect the psu through a power board and directly to the socket. I have also tried other power sockets in the house to no avail in stemming the noise.


The noise is present regardless of whether the on/off switch at the back of the PSU is on or off. Although, the intensity is slightly greater when switched to the on position. The only way of terminating the buzz is to switch the power off at the power socket. There is no flickering of LED lights as in a similar thread re: TX 750W.


The unit is completely functional apart from this unfortunate flaw.


Any advice to possible remedies would be welcome. Alternatively I'll seek to have it replaced.

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