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hx520 fault?


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I didn't think this issue had anything to do with PSU at first. I have checked every possible part, however, and has lead me to it.

When booting into a fresh windows 7, it's like there is some type of lag and delay occurring. Windows open with a delay and same with closing them or even mousing over documents. There is a delay with everything, and sometimes a simple folder open will turn into "not responding."

Note- this problem occurs even before anything besides windows is installed. The slow response and loading is even noticible during the windows 7 install.


-Put my SSD in my netbook and reformated and installed windows 7 on that with no issue.

-Ran memtest 86+ with no errors and let it run many times. I've swapped memory with different pc, mine still has this problem but the other pc does not.

-Sanitary erased my SSD and flashed firmware upgrade then fresh windows install with same problem

-Put my CPU into different pc and it worked just fine.

-Motherboard Bios flashed to latest 0503.

-Installed latest of all drivers with every fresh windows install

-Powered my motherboard and system with cheap 500w psu and it works ok. And then I put my hx520 into secondary pc and that pc continues working fine.


I haven't been able to figure this out, but perhaps it is some PSU incompatability with my motherboard? I don't get why the cheap 500w psu can fix this odd issue, yet my hx520 still seems to work fine with the other pc.

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