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Randy Myers

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Hello All,


I am new here; just ordered my new SSD. I have done a conciderable amount of research over the past week or two in an attempt to get up to speed on this wonderful new technology. From what I was able to determine one of the most important things to be concerned with on a new SSD is the controller. Futhermore in several articles it was clearly stated that the best controlers currently available are the Intel and the Indilinx Barefoot.


Since I try to look for the best methods of improving my performance on my somewhat limited budget I decided to get a SSD as a boot drive. To be used purely for my Operating System. I was looking at the new Kingston 40 GB using the Intel controller (no one has in stock yet BTW) and the Corsair. I choose Corsair because I have always been satisfied with their products and they offer a 32 GB X series that seems ideal for use as an OS only drive. The X series also offers considerably better performance numbers than the Kingston.


The issue that I am confused about, and seems to have real mix information everywhere I look is maintenance. I see Garbage Collector, and Trim and Wiper tool being thrown around, but no real decisive "this is how it is" information.


What I would love to know is... as an OS only drive, do I need to be concerned with this at all; does the X series use some type of auto maintenance routines where if the drive is left idle for a period of time it will clear itself? I understand that Trim is not avaialable yet; will it be needed or a good thing when it becomes available? Will I have to rebuild my system once again if I eventually run a firmware update (I was reading other m/f websites and they indicate that the firmware update wipes the drive)?


From what I read the SSD will be a huge improvement in my system. I am just trying to get a handle on the correct information and be prepared when my drive arrives on Friday.


Can anyone please give me the correct accurate information? Also, if there are utilities that I should use can anyone please post a god Link for download. I was looking for the wiper.exe (and correct information on it) and almost every link seemed to end up at a dead end or not what I was looking for. The Indilinx Barefoot website seemed to not lead me down the right road.


Also, if I have to wipe my drive and re-install the OS every so often is there any real good free utilities that would back up and restore the OS, presumablly to a DVD.


Any good solid information would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Randy


With reference to Garbage Collection/TRIM .... the jury is still out on this one. One thing is for sure, when the new firmware updates arrive the picture will be a lot clearer.


TRIM is "supposed" to be the way forward, but until the TRIM enabled firmware arrives there is no way to say whether it will be better than current Garbage Collection enabled firmware. One thing is for sure, the firmware will have to be either Garbage Collection OR TRIM enabled, you can't have both of them living together as they don't get along.


Backing up or imaging your drive will not restore performance alone - your drive needs to be erased by using utils such as HDDErase or Gparted, but people have varying degrees of success and/or failure with these. In general, when a firware update is issued it generally destroys all data on the drive - this limitation may be resolved in future updates but, once again, we won't know until it arrives.


Don't waste your time looking for Wiper tools - most are geared up for a specific m/f's drives and you may invalidate your Corsair warranty by using an unapproved tool, even if you get it to work.


With regards to utilities for backing up and restoring I would use a proprietory tool rather than a freebie - when you pay for a utility tool you expect it to work as advertised, when you use a freebie it's generally "use it at your own risk" and is supplied "as is". Acronis is the flavour of the moment, it's not free but it's not expensive either.

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That's a good question Randy .... according to the FAQ's on this forum the X series drives have no garbage collection - however, ATTO reports my X-series drive as having TRIM enabled as a feature of the drive; obviously this is not Windows 7 ATA TRIM as the firmware hasn't been released as yet. My own opinion is that the drive *might* have some form of internal controller based TRIM - AKA garbage collection. I guess the jury is out on this one too lol ...... the next firmware release should clarify this cloudy picture.
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Welcome to the forums Randy.


The X-series does not include the Garbage Collection system but at the same time looking between the P-series and the X-series, the X-series doesn't take a big hit with performance later on due to the Indilinx controller. The Samsung controller in the P-series takes a nasty performance hit later on in terms of write speeds.

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